Sunday, November 19, 2006


“This world is written in the language of mathematics”

Yes! What Galileo said is right “This world is written in the language of mathematics”.
Mathematics has a concrete relationship with this world.
Now, you may be wondering why am speaking about mathematics. What is the relation between mathematics and beauty the title of this article?

When I ask you what is beauty, you may reply beauty is rose, beauty is in ocean, beauty is music of course you may point out some person. But what actually make them look beautiful?

1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21…………. Can you identify this series? Yes! It is
fibonacci series discovered by Leonardo fibonacci in 1180. Each number is sum of previous two numbers. It turns out that the ratio of any adjacent numbers approximates (1 + 5(½))/2 = 1.618.

Now coming to the full story, whatever it is in the nature, which looks beautiful, has a relation with fibonacci series. Let us explore how beauty is related to this series by taking some examples of beauty in nature.

Rabbit is one of the most beautiful animals. Consider that you have brought a pair of newly born rabbit in 1st month. In the 2nd month u will have the same pair in 3rd month this pair will give birth to another pair (now u have 2 pairs) and give birth to one more pair in 4th month (total 3 pairs), in 5th month gives birth to one more and also the first born pair will give birth to a pair (now total there are 5 pairs). Now take overall look 1st month—1pair, 2nd –1, 3rd—2,4th—3,5th—5 and the series continues.

Flowers: in floral arrangement hibiscus, Lilly has 3 petals; some kind of jasmine has 5 petals, delphinium-8, mayweed-13, aster-21 and many all are fibonacci numbers. U can check out if u have n your house.
Fragrance of flowers: who doesn’t like the fragrance of jasmine and the fragrance from apple. It seems that bonds between the molecules in them has a relation with the fibonacci series!

Shapes: shape of love symbol, some leaves, spiral seeds, ram's horns, sea-horse tails, growing fern leaves, the DNA molecule, waves breaking on the beach, tornados, galaxies, the tail of a comet around the sun, whirlpools, seed patterns of sunflowers, daisies, and dandelions; the ears of all mammals; and, the cochlea of the human ear. All these shapes fit in golden rectangle, which has relation with fibonacci series.

Music: even in music various scales are all fibonacci numbers. Most beautiful chords found in music are the major and minor sixths.

Women: studies have shown that men prefer women with hip to waist ratio of 1.6 (i.e. 5/3 fibonacci numbers) they look attractive than others. A group of researchers even compared this ratio with miss America winners it was exactly same.

And there are lot many. Penetrate into nature wherever you may, you will find mathematics in beauty. His fingerprints seem to define beauty itself. God is, indeed, a mathematician.

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