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Is this the real world ?

Is this the real world?
Are we the real human beings?
May be this is not the real world,
We are living in a computer simulation!
We are the programs of computer!

This article reveals you the possibility that right now we might be living in a computer simulation and also gives you best argument for GODS existence.

Posthuman stage: beginning of new civilization (or) a stage at which humans have the technology to simulate people in computer.

At least one of the following propositions is true:
1) The human species is very likely to go extinct before reaching posthuman stage.
2) Posthuman civilization though they have the technology they are not interested in running simulations.
3) We are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.

Many serious technologists and futurologists predicts that enormous amount of computing power will be available in future. Let us suppose for a moment that these predictions are correct. The later generations might run simulations of their ancestors with their super powerful computers. If these simulated people are conscious. Then it could be the case that vast majority of minds like ours do not belong to original race but rather to people simulated by advanced decedents of an original race. If this is case most of us most of us belongs to simulated minds rather than original biological ones.

Proposition 1)
This proposition not only means that we are going to extinct soon. It also says that future technology may collapse and primitive humans may live. We may extinct because of powerful technology in third world war or due to some astronomical disturbances like meteorite collision (one such collision is ready to occur around in 2035. now scientists are working on it).

Proposition 2)
Fraction of posthuman civilizations that are interested in running ancestral simulation is negligibly small.
The following may be the reasons:
a) Virtually no posthuman civilizations decide to use their resources to run large number of ancestral simulations.
b) Advanced civilization may prohibit running ancestral simulations because of suffering inflicted on the inhabitants of the simulation.
c) Posthuman civilization may develop in a way they loose their desire to run ancestor simulations.
d) Scientifically they may have no use of running such simulations. Perhaps running such simulation is a recreation activity of getting pleasure, which can be obtained more cheaply by direct simulation of their brains.
e) Posthuman society is very different from present society. They may not be free to act on their own desires.

Proposition 3)
If we are living in a computer simulation then the universe that we observing is just a tiny piece of totality of physical existence.
· The physics in the universe where the computer is situated that is running the simulation may or may not resemble the physics of the world we observe.
· It may be possible for simulated civilization to become posthuman civilization to become posthuman. They may run their own simulations on powerful computers they build in their simulated universe.
· If we do go on to create our own ancestor simulations we would therefore have to conclude that we live in simulation. Moreover, we would have to suspect that the posthumans running our simulations are themselves simulated beings, and their creation in turn may also be simulated beings.

A best argument for GOD’S existence:
The posthumans running simulations are like gods in relation to people inhibiting the simulation. The post human created the world we see; they are of superior intelligence they are “omnipotent” in sense they can interfere in the workings of our world even in ways that violate its physical laws and they are omniscient .in the sense they can monitor everything that happens.
For the inhabitants living in the computer simulation may have possibility that their actions on their own level may effect the treatment they receive from dwellers of deeper levels. For example if you are not from the original race you should consider the possibility that your actions will be rewarded or punished, based on your moral criteria by your simulators. An after life would be real possibility. So be careful our simulators are watching us behave morally.

Making us blind from the truth:
More over a posthuman simulator would have enough computing power to keep track of the detailed belief states in all human brains at all times. Therefore when it saw that a human was about to make an observation of the microscopic world, it would fill in sufficient detail in the simulation in the appropriate domain on an as needed basis. If any error occurs, the director could easily edit the states of any brains that have become aware of an anomaly before it spoils the simulation. Alternatively the director could skip back few seconds and rerun the simulation in a way that avoids the problem.

Finally: unless we are now living in a simulation our decedents will almost certainly never run an ancestor simulation.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006


What is time? Is time travel possible? For centuries these questions have aroused the curiosity in philosophers and scientists. Researchers from California to Moscow recently have been investigating the possibility of time travel. They have realized that according to the Albert Einstein general theory of relativity there is nothing in the laws of physics to prevent time travel. It may be extremely difficult to put into practice but it is not impossible.

Einstein in his theory showed that if a person traveling in a spaceship with near speed of light (3-lakh km/sec) would age more slowly than his twin brother left behind on earth. (Suppose that u left the earth in a space ship with the speed of light when u were 20yrs old and your brother is 10. when u return to the earth after 40 years(earth time) obviously your brothers age is 50 and you were still 20! For your brother 40 years have passed but for you only few minutes have passed in your travel with speed of light. It means you are in the future.)

But few paradoxes arise in time travel. One of the classical paradoxes is if you travel back in time and kill your granny when she was a child so that your mother therefore you were never born in which case you did not go back in time to kill your granny! It goes against commonsense, says some skeptics, and there must be some law in physics to prevent time travel.

Now what I suggest is the existence of multi dimensional universe a solution for the above paradox. We are living in a multi dimensional universe every possible event is happening.
Take the above paradox. Go to the past kill your granny. But how will your birth take place? Don’t worry! Your granny is alive in other dimension to give birth to your mother and therefore your mother give birth to you to go to the past and kill your granny.

It sounds like science fiction but its true we live in multidimensional universe.

If no multi universe - no time travel. If time travel is not possible there might be something wrong with Einstein’s general relativity theory and his equations need to be corrected.

I’ll be back soon with the idea of
How Time travel is possible and the way for Time travel.
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In order to travel through time we need a machine, which travels with near speed of light. May be building such a machine is hard with present technology.

We have birth and death similarly stars also have birth and death. When a star dies it becomes a black hole. The shape of black hole may look like an ice cream cone or a mint with a hole. It sucks matter near it with high intensity of gravity. Any object falling in a black hole travels with a speed of light. So black holes are expected to be involved in possibility of time travel. But a simple black won’t do.
There are two types of black holes
1. Non rotating
2. Rotating

Non-rotating: a non-rotating black hole swallow up everything that comes near it. At a certain point in black hole called singularity (similar to tip of the cone) the matter is crushed into infinite density. (Suppose if you fall into black hole you will be crushed into size of a proton!)

Rotating: rotating black hole looks like a mint with a hole. In principle it would be possible to dive into such a black hole and through the ring to emerge into another place and another time.
so these black holes are suitable for time travel.

to be continued....


What if there was a way to get you from your home to the college or office without having to use your car, or from your backyard to the International Space Station without having to board a spacecraft? There are scientists working right now on such a method of travel, combining properties of telecommunications and transportation to achieve a system called teleportation.
In order to transmit an object we need to dematerialize it and sending the details of that object's precise atomic configuration to another location, where it will be reconstructed. What this means is that we could be transported to any location instantly, without actually crossing a physical distance. This is just like sending signals from one place to another place using various modulation techniques.
For a person to be transported, a machine would have to be built that can pinpoint and analyze all of the 1028 atoms that make up the human body. That's a more than a trillion trillion atom. This machine would then have to send this information to another location, where the person's body would be reconstructed with exact precision. Even a slight change in position of atoms especially in our brain causes severe neurological or physiological defect.
If such a machine were possible it would work more like a fax machine -- a duplicate of the person would be made at the receiving end, but with much greater precision than a fax machine. But what would happen to the original? In this biodigital cloning, tele-travelers would have to die, in a sense. Their original mind and body would no longer exist. Instead, their atomic structure would be recreated in another location, and digitization would recreate the travelers' memories, emotions, hopes and dreams. So the travelers would still exist, but they would do so in a new body, of the same atomic structure as the original body, programmed with the same information.
One day, one of your descendents could finish up a work day at a space office above some far away planet in a galaxy many light years from Earth, tell his or her wristwatch that it's time to beam home for dinner on planet X below and sit down at the dinner table as soon as the words leave his mouth.
1) In 1998, physicists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), along with two European groups, turned the IBM ideas into reality by successfully teleporting a photon, a particle of energy that carries light.
2) In 2002, researchers at the Australian National University successfully teleported a laser beam.
3) The most recent successful teleportation experiment took place on October 4, 2006 at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Eugene Polzik and his team teleported information stored in a laser beam.

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“This world is written in the language of mathematics”

Yes! What Galileo said is right “This world is written in the language of mathematics”.
Mathematics has a concrete relationship with this world.
Now, you may be wondering why am speaking about mathematics. What is the relation between mathematics and beauty the title of this article?

When I ask you what is beauty, you may reply beauty is rose, beauty is in ocean, beauty is music of course you may point out some person. But what actually make them look beautiful?

1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21…………. Can you identify this series? Yes! It is
fibonacci series discovered by Leonardo fibonacci in 1180. Each number is sum of previous two numbers. It turns out that the ratio of any adjacent numbers approximates (1 + 5(½))/2 = 1.618.

Now coming to the full story, whatever it is in the nature, which looks beautiful, has a relation with fibonacci series. Let us explore how beauty is related to this series by taking some examples of beauty in nature.

Rabbit is one of the most beautiful animals. Consider that you have brought a pair of newly born rabbit in 1st month. In the 2nd month u will have the same pair in 3rd month this pair will give birth to another pair (now u have 2 pairs) and give birth to one more pair in 4th month (total 3 pairs), in 5th month gives birth to one more and also the first born pair will give birth to a pair (now total there are 5 pairs). Now take overall look 1st month—1pair, 2nd –1, 3rd—2,4th—3,5th—5 and the series continues.

Flowers: in floral arrangement hibiscus, Lilly has 3 petals; some kind of jasmine has 5 petals, delphinium-8, mayweed-13, aster-21 and many all are fibonacci numbers. U can check out if u have n your house.
Fragrance of flowers: who doesn’t like the fragrance of jasmine and the fragrance from apple. It seems that bonds between the molecules in them has a relation with the fibonacci series!

Shapes: shape of love symbol, some leaves, spiral seeds, ram's horns, sea-horse tails, growing fern leaves, the DNA molecule, waves breaking on the beach, tornados, galaxies, the tail of a comet around the sun, whirlpools, seed patterns of sunflowers, daisies, and dandelions; the ears of all mammals; and, the cochlea of the human ear. All these shapes fit in golden rectangle, which has relation with fibonacci series.

Music: even in music various scales are all fibonacci numbers. Most beautiful chords found in music are the major and minor sixths.

Women: studies have shown that men prefer women with hip to waist ratio of 1.6 (i.e. 5/3 fibonacci numbers) they look attractive than others. A group of researchers even compared this ratio with miss America winners it was exactly same.

And there are lot many. Penetrate into nature wherever you may, you will find mathematics in beauty. His fingerprints seem to define beauty itself. God is, indeed, a mathematician.

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