Wednesday, October 13, 2004

some exciting facts you have ever known...

“It will take 4.2 billion years for the light to travel from earths surface to near by star ie almost equal to the life existed on earth”

“the worlds largest flower smells of rotten flesh .the flower of parastic ‘Rafflesia’ has a diameter of upto 1m or 3.3 ft( equal to length of Sachin’s bat) and attracts pollinating insects by mimicking the smell of decomposing corpses. It flowers only once in every 10 years”

“ there are about a 6 million red cells in every millilitre of an adults blood-a millimeter is about the size of an o. The produces RBC at an average rate of 9000 millon per hour. Everyday 2 lakh million RBC die and break up.”

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