Sunday, November 19, 2006


In order to travel through time we need a machine, which travels with near speed of light. May be building such a machine is hard with present technology.

We have birth and death similarly stars also have birth and death. When a star dies it becomes a black hole. The shape of black hole may look like an ice cream cone or a mint with a hole. It sucks matter near it with high intensity of gravity. Any object falling in a black hole travels with a speed of light. So black holes are expected to be involved in possibility of time travel. But a simple black won’t do.
There are two types of black holes
1. Non rotating
2. Rotating

Non-rotating: a non-rotating black hole swallow up everything that comes near it. At a certain point in black hole called singularity (similar to tip of the cone) the matter is crushed into infinite density. (Suppose if you fall into black hole you will be crushed into size of a proton!)

Rotating: rotating black hole looks like a mint with a hole. In principle it would be possible to dive into such a black hole and through the ring to emerge into another place and another time.
so these black holes are suitable for time travel.

to be continued....

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