Sunday, November 19, 2006


What is time? Is time travel possible? For centuries these questions have aroused the curiosity in philosophers and scientists. Researchers from California to Moscow recently have been investigating the possibility of time travel. They have realized that according to the Albert Einstein general theory of relativity there is nothing in the laws of physics to prevent time travel. It may be extremely difficult to put into practice but it is not impossible.

Einstein in his theory showed that if a person traveling in a spaceship with near speed of light (3-lakh km/sec) would age more slowly than his twin brother left behind on earth. (Suppose that u left the earth in a space ship with the speed of light when u were 20yrs old and your brother is 10. when u return to the earth after 40 years(earth time) obviously your brothers age is 50 and you were still 20! For your brother 40 years have passed but for you only few minutes have passed in your travel with speed of light. It means you are in the future.)

But few paradoxes arise in time travel. One of the classical paradoxes is if you travel back in time and kill your granny when she was a child so that your mother therefore you were never born in which case you did not go back in time to kill your granny! It goes against commonsense, says some skeptics, and there must be some law in physics to prevent time travel.

Now what I suggest is the existence of multi dimensional universe a solution for the above paradox. We are living in a multi dimensional universe every possible event is happening.
Take the above paradox. Go to the past kill your granny. But how will your birth take place? Don’t worry! Your granny is alive in other dimension to give birth to your mother and therefore your mother give birth to you to go to the past and kill your granny.

It sounds like science fiction but its true we live in multidimensional universe.

If no multi universe - no time travel. If time travel is not possible there might be something wrong with Einstein’s general relativity theory and his equations need to be corrected.

I’ll be back soon with the idea of
How Time travel is possible and the way for Time travel.
Send your opinions on MDU (Multi Dimensional Universe) and Time travel.

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