Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fooled by perception on Universe!!!!

In geneva final preparations have been made for the start of the biggest experiment( 6 billion dollar experment) LHC( large hadron collider), a hope to unlock secrets of universe. scientist are trying to recreate initial conditions of bigbang to answer big questions humanity has supposed always:
“where we come from?”
“what we are made of?”
“future of the universe”........
But will this experiment lead to complete understanding of everything?
Will the efforts of humanity to find the meaning in the universe succeed?
Is the universe which we are about to explain absolute? If so we can have complete understanding of the universe. But the universe is not absolute! The universe we see is fabricated by our five senses. The perception of universe is bounded by these senses. We can’t percept beyond or think beyond our senses. So there is a relation between the senses and the world they see.
Let us consider a person born without five senses, for him some other senses may evolve which are beyond our imagination. for him material world doesn’t exist the laws of physics are entirely different. He can be compared with a tree which don’t have these 5 senses but has life. It experiences entirely different universe from what we experience. So the perception of universe is different for different species with different senses. Hence the universe is not absolute!
With the knowledge acquired by the five senses we say that all around us is nothing but atoms; atoms in the air, atoms in our body, atoms in the space; our limitation of vision makes us to see only atoms together as table, chair etc. Densities of atoms differentiate the objects we see. What if we could see through atoms? What if we could see through protons? we see entirely a different world. The objects no more look like as of now. By this time we would have discovered what the quarks(quarks combine to form protons) are made of , and what the building blocks of quarks made of and so on.

Because we cannot see certain lengths and light waves, objects appear to us as they are displayed by our imagination. Therefore the question for real shape of thing cannot be answered. The flaw in human vision is that it assumes a demarcation of things where as in reality all things are a continuum of molecules atoms and subatomic particles.
Apart from five senses eyes, ears, nose tongue and skin we have other senses:
• Vemeronasal sense – to detect pheromes( chemical signals for sex fear and identification)
• Nociception sense – to detect pain
• Thermal sense
• Visual contrast/contour
• Photo sense(pineal glands) ability to respond to light to synchronize internal body rythm
• senses of eidetic imagery (ability to see an image after it has been removed),
• extra-sensory perception (ESP), sensitivity to magnetic fields, ability to detect auras, etc., which are probably the senses still not fully evolved. As these senses get evolved, the world will appear different to us from what we perceive it today through our classic five senses.
The electromagnetic spectrum range which we perceive through our classic senses is so small that it is not even calculable: less than one-trillionth of a trillionth of the total spectrum. Each species with its own window on the electromagnetic spectrum has therefore a different view of the universe, while they are blind to the vision of other species.
• Bees are attracted to the ultraviolet radiation from different parts of plants signaling presence of nectar. We can not perceive ultraviolet radiation because it destroys our retina.
• Bats use an ultrasonic radar system to echolocate obstacles and prey. The frequency of this radar system is outside of human perception.
• snake sees in the infrared picture of objects around it.
• lizards can smell their prey miles away.
• The kangaroo rat jumps only when an owl is just about to capture it because the rat can hear the movement of owl wings from distance and calculates the precise time to jump thus the name kangaroo rat.

So the universe appears to be different to different species with different limitations of senses. Its not right to say: this what exactly the universe is , this the building block of universe, this is the beginning of universe . let us consider two physicists one physicist can see through atoms other one is one among us. Physicist one among us says that strings are basic building blocks of matter at this point matter is indivisible but the other one who can see through atoms says no!based on power of his vision he claims something other than strings are building blocks of matter. But who is right? both are right from window of their senses(at the same time both are wrong!).The theory of relativity applies here also. We have to explain the universe relative to these senses. The senses fabricate the universe. It has no particular form.

Off course we have explored how universe appear to other species but this is limited. We can’t fully explain how universe appears to other species unless we acquire their senses.
Finally, the human quest for unfolding secrets of universe will never end. These are unending stories.
The quest goes on................................
Im not asking to stop the quest in finding meaning of life. We are here to do what we are to do because we are puppets in the hands of nature basic force( gravitation, electromagnetic, strong force and weak force and may be some other forces beyond our imagination).

[Article written by Suman,he is a eclectic thinker of Quantum Physics and Spirituality ,personally i admire his simplicity and lucid style in writing ,Right now he is pursuing his Masters in Communication Theory in Bhimvaram,AP....Pradeep ]

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